About Me

My name is Zack Jackson. I am a pastor in the United Church of Christ currently serving in Reading, PA. I believe in the power of the scientific method and am constantly in awe of the reality that we find ourselves in. I am also a follower of Jesus and a big fan of the Bible that documents humanity’s beautifully flawed history with God. That might seem like an impossible contradiction to some folks, but if electrons can be both particles and waves, then I can be a scientific mystic. I love exploring the mystical and physical unknowns of existence, and I hope that you will come along for the ride.

The title of this blog is taken from the work of the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagoras. He saw patterns everywhere and reveled in the beauty of proportions. He was the first one to realize that strings of differing lengths produced differing wavelengths of sound and discovered the mathematical principles that governed varying pitches. To this, he marveled that even the celestial spheres must be imbued with a certain resonance and together will all of the heavenly bodies, created a sort of music. A “musica universalis” or “universal music”. He was right. Everything in the universe has a tone, a pitch, a frequency with which it resonates. The mathematics of String Theory suggest that the foundational core of all that is are tiny vibrating strings of energy, each one resonating at a different frequency, creating the subatomic particles that create atoms that create molecules that create complex organisms. The universe is a song. A complex, sometimes dissonant, but always beautiful song. An unfinished masterpiece that is waiting for your voice.